Additive automatic batching equipment

Additive automatic metering equipment
  • Material silo, screw conveyor, weighting silo, and valve are 304 stainless steel material

  • Using Toledo sensor, tolerance +/- 10g

  • Adopt pneumatic conveying device, fast and efficient

  • Automatic control

  • 2-10 kinds silo

  • Famous brand spare parts

Our company develops and designs a fully automatic mortar admixture automatic metering system. The equipment consists of stainless steel silo, dust collector, stainless steel conveying screw, well-known brand motor reducer, WAM butterfly valve, flow-assist air cushion, American sensor, measuring bucket bracket and high-pressure pump. delivery system. After manual feeding, it is controlled by a computer system, and the accurate measurement error is ±10g. It is sent to the mixer through a high-pressure pump, and the additives are evenly scattered into the mixer during delivery, and are fully mixed with the aggregates to ensure that the formula is accurate.

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