Valve bag powder packaging machine

Valve bag powder packaging machine

Automatic valve bag powder packaging machine This machine is specially designed and developed by our company to meet the market demand, and is suitable for the packaging of all bags including peritoneal bags. The high degree of automation (computer intelligent automatic identification) is easy to operate, and the whole process of weighing and packaging can be completed only by manually inserting the bag, which not only saves manpower, but also reduces the labor intensity of workers, reduces production costs, and greatly improves production efficiency.


1. Fully automatic computer control, intelligent identification, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, accurate weighing;

2. New design, no mechanical weighing mechanism such as gate, scale bar, travel weight, card wheel, bayonet, tension spring, etc., infinitely reducing wearing parts, not only reducing maintenance costs, but also improving production efficiency;

3. Automatically realize the functions of pressing, filling, loosening, closing and bag dropping of the packaging bag, which is easy to operate and durable;

4. The fuselage is fully sealed and equipped with a dust removal port, the structure is reasonable, durable, and the real production is realized;

5. The packaging machine mainly uses two types of single nozzle and double nozzle, which can be composed of 4-6 nozzle packaging machine by paralleling the two nozzles.

automatic valve bag filling machine
valve bag packing machine

Structure and function

The valve bag packaging machine is mainly composed of the body, the ash discharge mechanism, the control mechanism, the weighing mechanism, the bagging mechanism and other components, and has the functions of automatic bag drop and manual bag drop.

1. Body: It adopts section steel welded structure, which has high strength, high rigidity, beautiful and lightweight.

2. Ash discharge mechanism: The 3kw motor drives the main shaft impeller to rotate, and the rotating impeller sends out the dry powder mortar and packs it into the packaging bag through the discharge pipe.

3. Control mechanism: insert the material packaging bag and touch the micro switch to start filling. When the material is filled to the specified weight, the weighing control system sends a signal, the computer valve works, and the control mechanism acts to close the discharge port of the cylinder. The filling stops, and at the same time, the bag-pressing cylinder shrinks and the packaging bag is released.

4. Weighing mechanism: It is composed of computer scale, sensor and scale body. When the material is filled to the set weight, the sensor transmits a signal to the computer. After the computer is processed, the control signal is output, the motor stops running, and the discharge port is closed at the same time, stopping the filling and automatically loosening the bag to ensure that the bag weight is qualified.

5. Bagging mechanism: It has a unique and novel automatic bag pressing device. When the dry powder mortar is loaded to the calibrated weight, the cylinder closes the discharge port and the automatic bag feeding device works.bag

Application Scope

This machine is widely used for quantitative packaging of powdered objects such as dry mortar, cement, putty powder, stone powder, coal ash powder, gypsum powder, heavy calcium powder, quartz sand, fire fighting materials and so on. (This packaging machine can be changed to open bag and valve bag dual-purpose type according to user requirements).

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