customer case of qingdao Qingchi

Cement sand mortat mixing plant

premixed mortar cement

Wall putty production lines

dry mortar mixer machine

Gypsum mortar production line

automatic dry mix concrete plant

Insulation mortar production line

Gypsum mortar production line

400,000 tons/year cement mortar production plant

wall putty making machine

300,000 tons/year wall putty production plant

Putty powder production line

Tile adhesive production line

dry mortar mixing plant

Automatic putty powder production line

dry mix mortar equipment

800,000 tons/year mortar production line(4 lines)

mortar plant palletizer machiner

Automatic palletizing robot (25ton/hour)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our machines are widely used in various industries and can be applied to various dry mix product industries, such as construction, food, etc. Most of our clients are from the construction industry.

According to different output, we have different models of equipment. Of course, we also accept customization. You can tell us your specific requirements, and we will provide you with our plans and quotations in time.

Yes, each customer’s requirements are different, so most of us are custom equipment. The output of equipment models ranges from small to large.

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