Concrete Mixers

UHPC Ultra-High Performance Concrete Mixers

UHPC mixer

1. The planetary mixer is suitable for mixing all high-quality concrete (dry-hard, semi-dry-hard and plastic concrete) and achieve high quality in the shortest time. It can also be used in glass, ceramics, refractory and other industries.
2. The specially developed reduction box can effectively distribute the power balance to each stirring device, and even under harsh production conditions, it can also ensure the low-noise transportation of the stirring university. At the same time, it saves more space. Compared with the traditional gearbox, the maintenance space of the mixer can be increased by 30%.
3. The elastic coupling and hydraulic coupling (optional) can effectively protect the transmission system from the impact of overload.

Mixing diagrams

mixing locus diagrams

This diagrams show the perfect mixing action of the planetary mixer from 6 to 60 seconds after the material is added. Note that the floor is completely swept by the action of the mixing stars every 4 revolutions (6 seconds) and that each zone is covered at regular intervals in time.

Specifications of planetary UHPC mixers

planetary mixer specification

Why the planetary mixer is so efficiency? Check the video

Inner side of Planetary mixers

UHPC mixer detailed picture

The planetary mixers application in industries

planetary mixer for block making

Concrete brick making

planetary mixer for ceramic making

Feature Two

planetary mixer for precast concrete

Feature Three

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